Małgorzata Kobiałka

Małgorzata Kobiałka is a Psychologist – she completed her studies, Bachelor of Science completed in New York in the cognitive-behavioral approach and dog therapy in New York, where she lived for 12 years. Her passion has always been makeup, which she learned from schools such as Chanel, Lancome and Dior. Thus, she made women happy by changing their appearance every day. She practiced and practiced in various psychological approaches for over 10 years after returning to Poland, she was a graduate of postgraduate studies at the University of Warsaw. Police School in Szczytno in Criminalistics in a criminal trial and 2 postgraduate studies in Education for Security of the Chief Police Officer, passionate about numerous training courses in Poland and England, such as Psychotraumatology, Addictions, Surveys and Panic Disorder, ADHD, Surveys and Recovery issued by the National Counselling Society.

Working with energy as Teacher Master Reiki and Master Reiki and Master Reiki Khundalini and cleansing, energizing the chakras, seeing auras and working hollistically also as a trainer / coach of Radical Forgiveness helps people to release the “old” energy. Mrs. Małgosia is also a Master of hypnotherapy where in 3 she acquired this craft in various schools. International Coach under certification and global NLP Practitioner under certification. Belonging to the privileged international group of therapists Federation of Holistic Therapists with number 212557.

Mrs. Małgosia works in the Hebrew Soul Plan Reading, which she has certified at Hollistic Healing College in London by Blue Marsden. It connects 2 worlds so that her patients always get what they came for and even “their new life puzzle”.

She also supports many women and men in their personal and spiritual development. She is the author of numerous “Dinners with Psychology”, which were aimed at broadening the knowledge, personal and psychological development of many people. Dinners were held once a month and people spent time together with the music and singing of Mr. Piotr Szczodry in the Polish SHIRE restaurant. The owner of which is Mrs. Sylwia Chamerska, where you can eat tasty and traditional meals today. As it turns out, Mrs. Małgosia is also writing a book entitled “Between heaven and earth” and is also the author of numerous motivational workshops!!